Friday, 21 June 2013

Being The Mother Of A Son...

Raising a son was a completely foreign concept to me. I don't have a brother & I whilst I had always planned on being a mother I had imagined myself raising daughters, so finding myself the mother of a son has been rather unexpected. Just changing those first nappies in the hospital seamed rather odd & I felt like someone was having the last laugh watching me trundle off to sporting activity after sporting activity.


Sometimes in the day to day minutiae of child rearing it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Getting the kids washed, fed & on the school bus appropriately attired takes precedence over some grand plan for raising  exemplary human beings. But at the end of the day, with every choice we make, every word we utter & every action we take we are moulding out children into adults & our sons into men. Whilst we cannot control the world at large, we can control our reaction to it & how we help our boys navigate it.

I do believe that it takes a village to raise a child. My son is lucky to have lots of wonderful male & female role models in his life, who show him though their actions what is is to be a good person.
There are so many things that I want my son to be.
To show respect, yet to question things. To be brave, yet embrace his emotions. To laugh, yet not be cruel or thoughtless. To be ambitious, yet not selfish or arrogant. I think most of all to be caring & loving. It's not dissimilar to what I want my daughter to be but 

It's nice along the way to have reassurances that you might just be doing something right, especially from someone who sees your child when you are not around. Such reassurance recently came from a teacher at school, she was recounting how well Ryder has settled into his new school environment & saying that he is well liked because he is kind & inclusive. She also mentioned how sweet he is with his little sister, making sure she is ok looking after her. Admits the sibling fights at home, it's not something we get to see so I was happy to hear that in the wider world my son was being the kind of person I had hoped he would be. 

Which is lucky, because I'm pretty sure that I don't know enough about sport to raise a son on my own.

I worry about the pack mentality of boys & helping him navigate situations that I have never experienced. I have experienced far more sport in the last 8 years than I have d

It's funny knowing that given the choice all those years ago, I wouldn't be raising a son today & when I think of what I would have missed out on. There is something very special about the relationship between a mother and a son, there is a simplicity to it.


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One Flew Over said...

Beautiful Chris!

You are right, it really does take a village to raise kids. In that aspect, we are both very lucky to be part of loving,supportive villages.

See you soon xx

Mrs Smith said...

They have a lot ahead of them, our little boys, don't they? Lucky they have such committed folks to help them and drive them to all their sporting gigs.

Great post!

Pippa said...

Beautiful post, I'm enjoying this series a lot!

SadieandLance said...

A lovely post Christie. I want all those things for my kids, too. To show respect but question things, to be brave yet embrace your emotions. So beautifully put.

So wonderful to celebrate alongside of you. Xx

Anna said...

Lovely post. He is looking so so grown up these days.


Gosh, that last shot is just beautiful. And your words about boys and the 'pack mentality' are so true. It's something I think about often. All I want is to help our kids feel good enough in themselves that they are happy to walk to their own beat....something that is easier said than done!

I've loved finding your blog via this good ol' blog up! Will def be dropping by again very soon

Victoria said...

Beautifully put x

Jo said...

hey hon, hope life is good for you... just thought I'd drop by and say that I miss you in this space. xx

Lotta said...

Hi there! You have such amazing photos on your blog! Also the models is lovely :)
May I ask what camera you use?

h+b said...

HNY Christie!!

I see you are on a bit of a blog break? Hope to see you around soon :)