Friday, 22 February 2013

The Chicks...


I've always wanted to keep chooks. I love the idea of feeding them scraps & collecting fresh eggs every day. Seeing them stroll around the yard, hunting for insects & bathing in the dirt. For me, I don't think a house in the country would be complete without a Chicken Coop.

It took longer than expected to find some chicks locally, I had originally planned on getting them at just a day or two old, but that would involve setting up/hiring a brooder & that ended up in the too hard basket.


While these girls don't have quite the same appeal as fluffy yellow chicks, they are hopefully still young enough to get used to being handled a lot. And as a bonus they can also go straight out into the chook house rather than under a heat lamp.


They are currently being overwhelmed by attention from the kids, although it's amazing how relaxed they are being held by Ryder, our resident Chicken whisperer.


Here he is with Princess Leia, pun intended.


Victoria said...

I have bird envy. I have put off as Geoff not keen but I think I should just do it!

Kate said...

Welcome to chook world.
So excited for you guys and your country dream coming true. xx