Thursday, 14 February 2013

Berry Picking...


Down by the Dam there is a little Blackberry patch. I hadn't paid much attention to it until recently, when I the boys picked some delicious ripe berries. On further inspection I realised that lots of the berries were ripe, they were just rather hidden & hard to get to.


After a bit of slip-sliding in the mud & a few thorn scratches I managed enough berries for an afternoon snack.


They were lovely & sweet, or is that just the taste of self satisfaction?


kristi said...

probably the mixture of both.

Julia said...

On Valentines Day, let me tell you what I love: being let in on your new adventures as a result of your brave tree change, your beautiful pics of your children and your amazing photographs of your day to day life. You are one talented little lady. xxx

Victoria said...

Im loving this change of pace as we're getting to spend so much more time in your company!

Mademoiselle Marie said...

I can't wait till we get to pick some blackberries... in like half a year :D
The pictures you take are lovely - you make everyday life look special - I love it!
I made the rainy day mug rug you designed the other day - I love the design! :)