Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Bus...

Yesterday the kids started at their new school & today they caught the school bus for the first time.

School Bus

Moving from the city to the country has meant lots of lifestyle changes & for the kids, school is probably the biggest change. Their old & new schools are poles apart in many ways & one of the new things that we are adapting to, is the school bus.

School Bus

Now of a morning, I drive them into town to catch the bus & in the afternoon I will wait for it's return. School isn't around the corner from home, (even by country standards) so all the kids do the same thing, in fact many of them travel much further than my two. It's all very social, greeting the bus driver by name as they board the bus with their friends & around town you see lots of school buses & school kids doing the same thing.

School Bus

I'm happy to report that neither of them shed a tear, in fact I was lucky to get a hug & a kiss as they raced onto the bus.

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