Tuesday, 11 December 2012



Almost perfect conditions this evening for Nippers. And while it isn't surprising seeing Ryder at home in the water & racing around on the sand, seeing Willow loving Nippers is a happy surprise.


Hard to imagine it's the same little girl who hated the water, I'm not sure who dreaded swimming lessons more, her or me. Apparently persistence pays off.


Tonight she happily raced into the water & paddled through the waves on a surfboard. Admittedly the water doesn't get too wild in the bay, but we have still come a long way.


Perhaps we have a little lifesaver on our hands.


Kat said...

How cute are they! Corey wants Imogen to do nippers when she is older. He loves to surf and I hate the beach because I am scared of waves. He doesn't want her growing up with my hatred of the beach. Especially since we live on the Gold Coast where the beach is a must for summer.

Cindy said...

Sounds like Caleb, he loves it now. you wouldn't believe it if you has seen him 3 years ago - he even hated the bath! Nippers has only added to his confidence, sure it will do the same for Willow. xx

Anna said...

They look so cute, and such a gorgeous day. Makes me want to pack up and go to the beach! Not long now til summer holidays :)

littleblackduckblog said...

Awww, they look great. I was in nippers a child. My hat was brown with an Orange stripe (so stylish). I loved it all, except for the long swim out to sea... the waves were always too big!

:perennial: said...

These photos are just gorgeous.