Thursday, 20 January 2011

Ready for Bed...

Complete. I lovely lace trimmed, monogrammed Linen nightie. The pattern is from this Japanese sewing book, in fact it is the dress shown on the cover, minus the pockets. The arm holes are huge & they gape, but for a nightie I'm not fussed. I had to admit that I cheated & used store bought bias to finished the neck & armholes & I'm glad I did, it certainly made for a speedy finish.


And because poor Poppy has been in need of a nighty too, I made her one to match, monogram & all!


This pattern was super simple, getting a photo of it on the four year old was more challenging. I did my best.

Linen Nightie

Pattern from Basics for Girls.
Cotton Lace from Patchwork on Central Park
Cross stitch Patterns from bag! bag! bag!
Poppy Doll Pattern from Hop Skip Jump



Stacey said...

Such a gorgeous nightie. Just the sort of thing I fancy myself (is that too much information...?). I bet it is cool and comfy, just what a nightie should be.
I love that you made a matching one for Poppy.

harmony and rosie said...

Yes I made that very same pattern for my daughter and was surprised at how massive the armholes were. Whenever she wears it she spends half her day with her arms inside the dress! Your nightie is absolutely lovely and I'm so pleased that Poppy doll got one too.


Squiggly Rainbow said...

This is divine! I am so happy you are blogging again xo

Shannon said...

I would totally wear that.

One Flew Over said...

Gorgeous! Too pretty for bed x

Kirsty said...

Gorgeous! Both the one for w & the one for p. Lovely work.

CC said...

Lovely - I wouldn't mind one myself. I like that you made one for Poppy as well.

Mrs Biddle said...

This nightie is so utterly gorgeous. I own the same Japanese sewing book so I'll have to have a go and make one for my little Goddaughter - I'm currently expecting a boy so no use in the our household for one!

Running Thread said...

Sooo pretty and love the matching nightie for Poppy. How I wish I could sew like that.