Friday, 6 August 2010

Library Bag...

A long overdue library bag for Ryder.

Library Bag

Basically a boy version of Willow's library bag, with the felt letters appliquéd on. It was certainly a lot more labor intensive (& wonky) to appliqué on the block letters, but much more masculine!

The Echino fabric was the perfect weight for this project & I love that the graphics are quite stylized & grown up.


One Flew Over said...

I think it is fabulous.

Do you think I am past carrying a bag with my name on it? ;)

Christina said...

Willow and Ryder must have the coolest library bags at school! They are fantastic. I love the text and the fabric. You've set the library bag bar very high.



i so wish i had some photos of the school bags my lovely mum put together for me. she didn't sew really, and they were always from old curtains, but we saved a buck (pound!) that way!
this bag is gorgeous, as are your children's names.
and your blog font is similar to one i've been using lately called lollihop. i LOVE it :)

Kirsty said...

Lucky boy. It's a very handsome library bag.

Geena said...

i love this idea. very cute and stylish!

miss fancy said...

Hi Christie

I love this bag! Can you please point me in the direction of a tutorial? Thanks so much!