Monday, 30 November 2009

Last Minute Advent...

Today is the last day of November, so naturally I am frantically trying to make an Advent calender.


I am in the midst of cutting & sewing & hopefully tonight I will have time to hang it up.


The design is very basic, lined linen pouches with the numbers machine stitched onto the front. Hopefully they will hang from some Ikea curtain clips & some string.

Advent Numbers

The plan is to have a small treat for each of the kids inside each one, along with a note describing a Christmas activity that we will do on that day, such as decorate the Christmas tree or make Christmas cookies. Of course I have no idea what the other 23 activities will be so I think I will be taking Advent one day at a time. Activity suggestions are most welcome!


Claire said...

Hello! I am not sure if I have the energy to do advent activities this year but it is fun. Here are my suggestions:

for some strange reason "tell a story using sock puppets" remains a big favourite.

gret said...

Write some Christmas Cards to your friends, Draw your own/colour in a picture of a Christmas tree, wrap some presents, do something kind and helpful for Mum and Dad, go and look at some Christmas lights, ...that's all I've got at the moment..:)

Renee said...

good luck! The fabric looks lovely.
FOr activities, what about writing a letter to santa, or making a small gift to put under a tree for a less fortunate child (like the trees at K-mart).

Jo said...

I got two bags done for mine, broke two sewing machine needles in the burlap and decided it wasn't going to happen This year!! I did think of adding two treats in each bag and a handmade Christmas ornament to add to the tree each day... Yours looks wonderful, hope you show a photo of it all finished and hanging up.

Christina Lowry said...

Wonderful! Where did the numbers fabric come from? We had very old paper advent calenders as children. I wish I knew where they were now, they were so lovely.

How about-
Make a wreath from materials around the house.
Make wrapping paper - drawing, potato stamping, collage.
Write Christmas cards and decorate envelopes.
Post Christmas cards.
Leave milk and cookies out for Santa.
Watch a Christmas movie.
Go to carols by candle light.
Write letters to faraway relatives.

But not in that order! :)

ange_moore said...

Guess what I'm going to be making when I get home from work tonight? An advent calendar!! Mine will probably end up being numbered brown paper bags attached to some cardboard. I could have bought one from the shop but the numbers were all over the show and I want this to help my daughter with counting (that my excuse anyway)!

Vic said...

Oooooooohhhhh, I hope you get lots of suggestions... So I can come back & steal them lol - what a great idea!

It's looking LOVELY! I made mine the night before last & it's... well... a bit crap. But it's going to have chocolate in it... and that's all that really matters, isn't it...?!

Gina said...

Ha! We're on a similar wavelength with the advent calendars I see... but mine aren't filled yet either. Or numbered! I love your numbers. Wish I had pretty stitches like that on my machine...

One Flew Over said...

Lovely advent calendars...gorgeous. about watch Christmas movies whilst mum has a rest!

Tamara said...

Christie its looks just beautiful and it's not even finsihed! Where did the number fabric come from, it's so sweet...make sure there re lots of snaps of the final product, x T

Tania said...

Yikes. Suffering from Wayward Parent Syndrome. Advent anything completely slipped my brain this year. I'm getting a little weary of living life by the seat of my pants!!

GlassFlower said...

Oh, I love Christmas activities...
-build a ginger bread house (you can use gram crackers if your in a pinch for time)
-make hot apple cider
-hot cocoa, mmm
-or have a night you sample different cold weather drinks, don't forget the egg nog
-make up some teacher gifts together
-make homemade ornaments
-go to the library or look online for things people in other countries do for this holiday
-invite some older people over and have every one tell about Christmas when they were young.
-if you have snow, put some food color and water in a spray bottle and go spray paint some snow.
-use washable markers to draw snow scenes on the window or a mirror
-paint Christmas shirts
-go to a Christmas play
-make hair bows with Christmas ribbon
-go ice skating (even if it on your kitchen floor in socks)
-make a list of all your thankful for this past year.

SewHum said...

wow - so great suggestions. Have you got:
cook christmas gifts for friends like mini puddings, cookies.

I wish i could put things in my advent calender - but wither the kids (or me) would have eaten most by the 3rd of December

Monique said...

Oh, I'm glad that I stopped by here! Am doing the same thing and have filled the childrens pouches with treats and little activities too. Have got up to day 3 covered (go to the library in search of christmas books, make an advent wreath with candles, potato print paper making). With 21 days left your commenters have certainly filled the gaps.

two little buttons said...

glad someone else leaves it to the last minute. i have just finished sewing mine up, but not as good as i wanted.. oh well there is always next year to get it right. i am going to steal some of the suggestions ....

Marina said...

What a stunning calendar....