Friday, 20 November 2009

Boyfriend Shorts...

After making Ryder's shorts I felt inspired too make some for Willow & trick them up a bit too.

Boyfriend Shorts

This pair have a proper fly front, with the buttons stopping the front from gaping & a comfy elastic waist. I have Kirsty to thank for the fabric, an op-shop find she gifted to me.

Boyfriend Shorts

Apart from the fact that they are pink, they look like a boy's boxer short & by the look of them, they are just as comfy as the shorts that you borrow from your boyfriend!


Karin said...

Really nice, Christie. They look really comfy indeed!

Mama Mogantosh said...

I want em. That fabric looks cool for summer too. Luvly!

Andi said...

They look gorgeous.
Glad you got the nasty iron mark out of them.
Andi :-)

One Flew Over said...

So pretty! Love the fabric x

Cindy said...

Super cute, I really love the fabric, good friends to have those that gift fabric I reckon