Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Sun Lovin'...

Today is one of those days that reminds me why I love Melbourne. Just when Winter is getting me down, the sun comes out & it makes me feel really happy. It's like someone adjusted the colour settings overnight, the sky is so blue & the grass is so green. We had a lovely slow walk to the supermarket, literally stopping to smell the roses. I guess doing even the most mundane tasks is enjoyable with the sun on your back.

When I was making Willow's bed this morning, I looked out her window & saw her playing very happily in her sandpit, in the sunshine.


When I came outside to join her & hang out the washing she requested her shoes off.


I am looking forward to feeling the sand, grass or soil between our toes a bit more as the weather warms up. Bring on Spring!


One Flew Over said...

Hellooooo Melbourne in the Spring (well nearly). It's been lovely today, if only Alfie didn't have a raging temp!

If Perle on tomorrow night? You going?

Andi said...

Yeah! Bring it on!!!

Keryn said...

I agree Christie, today was beautiful, the sun made me want to drive with the roof down (if I had a convertible :))!

Spruce Hill said...

I am glad it is warming up for you, sad though that our summer is at an end and soon it will be cold here.

Cindy said...

That is my favourite part of Melbourne, as soon as you are getting sick of one season it is marching into the next. Poppy has been sandpitting it out too