Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A Week of Special Stuff #3

My Panda

My childhood panda. Her name is Sarah, although for a brief period she became Simon, I'm not sure why. Her eyes are scratched, her mouth is gone & she leaves a train of stuffing in her wake, but man do I love this toy. Just holding her tight & breathing in her (now) dusty smell is comforting, even today as an adult. Neither of my kids have a special soft toy & it makes me a little sad. I guess I have this romantic notion of them dragging some raggedy teddy around, just like I did. Perhaphs there is only room in this house for one special teddy.


martha said...

Oh I know what you mean! I have a doll that was very special to me as a child and my boys were not attached to anything for so long. I was incredibly disappointed, until I remembered that I didn't get attached to anything until I was almost 6. However, now my boys both have their special dogs (big woof and little woof) that give them comfort and it makes me so happy. I hope your little ones find something too!

Kirsty said...

I love your bear & that she's still a comfort. xx

sue said...

I used to have a gorgeous panda and its ear fell off and one of its eyes. It disappeared one day and mum told me later it had been thrown down the tip. I was so upset about it. Years later when I was pregnant with my little girl I found a perfect panda and bought it for her (but possibly me). I dont think she grew quite as attached to hers though.