Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A Week of Special Stuff #2

If you are of a similar vintage as myself then a Happy Apple may have been a feature of your childhood. These are gold, so bright & cheery, they roll around & make a beautiful sound. My mum kept ours, but due to an unfortunate incident with a heater it is rather disfigured & my half-hearted hunt for a replacement was unsuccessful.

So while this apple is very special, the way in which it came into my possession is the really special part. This apple was a Christmas gift from a friend, as soon as I heard the sound inside the package I knew just what it was. The thing that makes this gift so very special is that I know she loved this apple & would have been sad to part with it. This may be one of the most lovely gifts that I have ever been given, very special.


Lola Jo said...

I have that apple too! And the stem is broken in the exact same place. I loved that toy and it's now well loved by my kids. Thanks for the happy memory!

Bek said...

yep, i know the apple well. i can hear it tinkling in my mind!

sarah said...

i have something that looks so similar, i just bought it in an op shop a few weeks ago, but it is an ice bucket!!