Thursday, 30 July 2009

My Creative Space...


My Creative Space

Amongst the tangle of embroidery floss & general mess in my basket is a doll quilt that I started a long time ago & it in desperate need of quilting & binding.

Also my calico for the quilt project which I am very excited about but a bit scared to start.


Kirsty said...

Thanks for being excited - you're a good friend. x

woollywotnots said...

Oh what a great creative space. Two very exciting projects! :-)

Tania said...

I can see it now in this house - oh the performance anxiety attached to such a perfect Quilty Project!

Leslie said...

What great projects. I'm looking forward to seeing the end results. :)

Ammie said...

I'm contemplating joining the quilting project. Revise that: I'm going to beg my husband (AKA embroiderer extraordinaire) to do it with or for me! I'm hoping there are still spots open if he decides to do it!

e l k said...

happy thread and fabric here!

claribell said...

that quilt will be perfect for the little dolls bed i spied on your other post, lovely photos here.

D said...

Hi Christie,
Thanks for leaving me a note @ LingoFranko.

In respose: I think everyone has felt what we all feel. I know that there is a huge shock-and incredulousness-factor with a mother taking her own life, for observers as well as us. But I've come to realise, as the confusion dwindles, that we all know how I feel.

You know when your child is tired, hungry, hurt, in genuine need of you and cries seemingly endlessly?

You know that the kid needs you and that they are unable to make any sense of how they feel. And as mum, you feel so responsible because you know you can ease the child's ill mood, feeling etc. You feel their heart, right? Remember how it feels to have to leave your child with someone unfamiliar (to the child) and the look of sheer empty hurt that their little faces hold?

I don't think we THINK we can feel our children's hearts, I believe we feel what they feel. This is a two way street.

When you look at your messy sobbing child, have you ever remembered the same feeling from when you were a child, and remembered being comforted by a parent? I don't know about others, but I remember the feeling clearly.

Losing my mother felt and feels like how our children feel when they are unable to fathom juggling too many of their (base) feelings at one time. I felt like how a 2 and a half year-old might feel when they cry because mummy is going (to the shop) without them combined with an empathy for her suffering that is like the empathy that we have for our children. To be honest I think we feel the suffering of our mothers all our lives; seeing your mum hurt hurts like hell.

And yes, thank you, I do have less worry since that moment that I wrote about on my blog and I know that time just lifts the worry week by week, moment by moment; even writing this message to you brings ease.


Lucy Bowler said...

Don't you think baskets were invented for crafting materials? I am carrying one around at the moment full of wool, knitting needles, a crochet hook, a blanket in progress, a knitted square (for the blanket) in progress, plus darning needles, scissors - you get the drift! And it always looks so photogenic - I actually got some pics the other day of our two pet lambs sniffing and nibbling at the wool, even they think it's lovely!