Wednesday, 8 April 2009

And More Stamps...

I have been looking for alphabet stamps for a while now, & without much luck until I checked out my favourite stationary shop & there they were.

Stamps + Ink

I couldn't resist getting some animal stamps too, for the kids of course, it is school holidays after all. I have fond memories of my sister & I playing with a box animals stamps when we were kids, they were my grandmothers, I wish I knew where they ended up.

Stamps: Animals + Alphabet

My new stamps even came wrapped in this beautiful calico drawstring bag & they delivered them in less than 24 hours! I guess customer service is still alive & kicking.


Angie said...

Beautiful stamps, I saw a set of these recently & by the time I went to the bank & came back they were gone....thanks for the link to the shop....there goes my budget this week!

I made a few "stamps" this morning but they really only work for certain words (they aren't mirror image stamps)

We currently have the same sandpit set-up.....and we are constantly replacing the sand!

smileybella said...

Oh you dangerous blogger... now I'm also going to blow my weekly budget. There are adorable. And OMG - your post just reminded me to dig out my stamps I bought in Japan... I'm sure you can get the boxed stamps everywhere, but take a look at those single sticks - so Japanese... delish!

Tania said...

Now those stamps, are seriously cool stamps.