Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Time To Help...

I spent Saturday glued to the internet & radio in an attempt to find out if the bush fires were near my Aunt & Uncle's farm. All I knew was that they were, at best too close for comfort & you never want to think about the worst. In the end, their home was spared, & they are all safe, but it wasn't until yesterday that I started to realise just how lucky they were.

I don't remember ash Wednesday, but this past week I will never forget. Never before have I felt so lucky to live where I do.

There isn't anything that I can say about this tragedy that hasn't been said already. On Saturday morning we turned on the news & were shocked to see that 25 people had lost their lives & 100 homes were destroyed, needless to say that was just the beginning.

It is now 5 days on & bushfires continue to burn...

Like many people I feel helpless, but luckily there are lots of crafty chicks who have stepped up to help make a difference.

Pip & Cindy have set up Handmade Help, a website that lists handmade items that are being sold to raise money for the bushfire survivors, please go & have a look.

Bianca over at the toy society is doing a handmade toy drive, so if you can make a soft toy then get sewing & send it her way.

If you're not that crafty, then you could always sent some books to Juddie for her book drive.

In the midst of all this horror & sadness it is heartening to see just how generous people can be, but it is unfortunate that it takes a disaster to give us all some much needed perspective...

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martha said...

christie, i was just thinking of you today and hoping that all was well with you. glad to hear things are okay for you and your family.