Thursday, 4 December 2008

Mail Love...

A little while ago Jodi had a giveaway that I was lucky enough to win, look what arrived in the mail today!


It is a vintage clothkit & if you're not familiar with the concept, basically instead of buying fabric & a pattern a clothkit has the pattern printed on the fabric. Everything you need (including thread & elastic) is in the kit so all you need is to do is cut out & sew-brilliant!

Brown Paper Package

The postie was extra good to me today as I also got a second brown paper package in the mail. This one was from Tinniegirl.


A beautiful vintage 'Tinnie' full of so many goodies. Such a great pressie for someone who is crafty & loves a bit of vintage. I have big plans for my Tinnie, but you can get your own here.

Inside Tinny


Brittany Noel said...

All of the beautiful blues in that tin! I'm loving them! I just printed with blue. Maybe it's a blue day?

Hoochie Coochie said...

oh i love a vintage tinnie...

Hoochie Coochie said...

oh my goodness just picked up a beautiful vintage rose tin from a garage sale this morning! your post got me thinking about tinnies (had a look at that etsy shop too) and then found one this morning... what are the odds?