Friday, 7 November 2008

It's Raining, We're Craftin'...

3.5 y o craft

Today was too wet for a trip to the park or any other outdoor entertainment, so when the natives started to get restless, out came the useful box (a la Playschool) for some rainy day craft.

3.5 y o craft

I am always throwing bits & pieces into this box; icy pole sticks, used met cards, fabric scraps, plastic bottle caps & of course toilet rolls, just to give you an idea. It also contains masking tape, a glue stick & some kiddie scissors, so basically everything Ryder needs for some kiddie craft is in the one spot.

3.5 y o craft

I'm not quite sure what was made today (other than a mess) but it did involve an awful lot of marking tape & a fair amount of time & concentration.


Brittany Noel said...

Looks like fun! That's a great idea to just keep adding to a little craft box.

boobook said...

Text book perfect in fact!
Open ended activities = YOU are a great mum!!

potty mouth mama said...

Love these shots, so sweet. I love Ryder's creations.

P and P said...

Above is a place to buy soap nuts. Regards, Patti

Corrie said...

we are loving craft with keira at the moment...isn't it fun????she'll say out loud ' I love craft mummy' and I make sure hubby hears it!!!! at the moment we are obsessed with buttons, jewellery and the glue stick...till she took the glue to photos and I had to put it out of reach!