Sunday, 19 October 2008

Dreaming Of A New House...

A cubby house that is.
I have been thinking about Christmas & the possibility of getting the kids a shared gift. Now that I have the idea in my head, I really want a cubby house.
I am dreaming of making gingham curtains, planting flowers in little window boxes & all the other fun things that come with setting up house on a very small scale. I have no idea how Santa will fit this one on his sleigh, but that isn't my department, I will be far too busy sourcing a tiny welcome mat!


Jacquie said...

Thats is one awsome cubby house. I'm thinking of a cubby house for my two girls for Christmas too.

I'm thinking pictures on the wall and a chandelier.

62cherry said...

i hear you
i'd love to buy one for molly as well
although it would take up all of our back yard!!!

h+b said...

lucky kidlets !!

potty mouth mama said...

I don't know how I missed this post!

Such a great gift idea, they would both love it - gingham curtains would be SO cute. Knowing you, you'll whip something completely magical up.

Hope you can convince your husband to go forth and cubbyhouse!