Thursday, 30 October 2008


it's kind of a bucket list, I hope I can cross off a couple sooner rather than later...

  1. learn to speak french
  2. ice skate with my kids in Central Park, New York
  3. spend Christmas day helping out instead of eating & getting pressies
  4. sing in public
  5. eat a hot dog at a baseball game in the States
  6. learn to trapeze
  7. read everyday
  8. learn to play canon in D on the piano... learn to play the piano, period
  9. play poker in a major tournament in Vegas
  10. visit my friends in London
  11. study fashion design at uni/tafe
  12. plant a wonderful veggie garden
  13. build our dream 'green' house
  14. keep chooks
  15. bake my own bread, regularly
  16. spend 6 months in the French countryside with my family & watch the tour de France
  17. make a full sized quilt
  18. go back to Paris (again & again & again...)
  19. keep bees
  20. start my own business
  21. own a grant featherston R160 armchair & matching ottoman, circa 1951
  22. learn to use my camera, properly...
  23. learn to milk a cow
  24. study literature at university, just for fun...
  25. drive a very fast car on a racetrack
  26. give a really good speech
  27. visit Graceland
  28. raise happy, healthy kids
  29. re-new our wedding vows, surrounded by family & friends in the gardens in Ravello (on the Amalfi coast in Italy) on our 10th wedding anniversary
  30. be happy, everyday, life is good...


CurlyPops said...

Happy Birthday Christie...hope you have a wonderful and happy day!
Great list.

Kirsty said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your day is gorgeous & that the date takes you somewhere lovely for dinner.

Brittany Noel said...

Happy birthday! I hope you cross all of those things off your list!

martha said...

happy birthday! great list - though i have to warn you that eating hot dogs at a baseball game is not as good as it sounds. ;)

Drewzel said...

Yay! Birthday lurve!!!
so many good things on your list too, hope you get to do them all :D

teddybearswednesday said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a wonderful day, and Ryder decides to give footy a rest! Have you ever thought of introducing him to tennis, or even better totem tennis. He can play that all on his own!!

Glenda said...

I like No 3. Does that mean soon Roger and I will sit back on Christmas day and be waited on.
Just remember even if you don't cook you do contribute by decorating the house so beautifully.
Happy Birthday Christie.

meet me at mikes - crafty! said...

Happy Birthday Darling Girl!
You're SO not a tosser. Did you know that? Nope, not Christie. She's toss free!
You ARE a lovely, sweet, pretty, clever, kind, adorable girl.
Have a gorgeous day!
xx pip

PS - you look good!

gryb said...

Congrats on your 30th Christie. What a wonderful list to start of your next decade. Enjoy your day with family and friends :) xx

megan and melissa said...

Happy Birthday! I would love to do numbers 1, 7, 13, 15, and 19. just to name a few... what a great list! I hope you can accomplish them all:)!!
Sending you the best wishes!

crafty things said...

Came across from Meet Me At Mikes blog to wish you a Happy Birthday.
Browsed a bit - love the baby blocks and the zoo photos.

potty mouth mama said...

Happy 30th Birthday! I hope today is extra special for you - that you're surrounded by those you love and you get plenty of cuddles and sloppy kisses. Great list.


Little Min said...

Hey happy birthday! I share about 80% of those wishes. And isn't Ravello so beautiful?
I hope you get through your list eventually.

Leni and Rose said...

Oh, hope you had a fantastic 30th bday today with lots of fun and hilarity!!!

melissa said...

have a happy birthday!!! :)
i love your list! you should really go for number 1, i love french!
i've also always wanted to play canon d on the piano!
i hope you had a great day!

thornberry said...

Happy Birthday Christie! I hope you had a great day and I love your list.

willowspa said...

I've ordered the cow, a bee hive and some chooks.

Where would you like them delivered?

Christie said...

thanks dad!

you know your backyard is a bit bigger than mine, maybe it's best if you hang on to them for a while...

Louise said...

Life is indeed good! I hope you had a truly lovely 30th Birthday - it is a wonderful age to be.

Angie said...

Happy birthday.

Great time like the present...especially with your dad on side!

Melanie said...

No way are you thirty! Happy birthday (a teeny bit late, I've been offline). I'm sure it was wonderful - and I *love* your list!

mayaluna said...

Happy Birthday...what a list! Here's to checking them off one by one!

62cherry said...

happy birthday! i loved turning 30 BUT don't ask me how i feel about turning 36 in april...
love your list
sime and i will make it to france to watch the tour one year
you are a star my love :)

CrazyCow said...

Hi Christie

You'd better make it quick if you want to learn to milk at Reid's. The old boy is retiring in June. Just moving into beef so we might be good for a steak or two.

Tinniegirl said...

Well I'm a bit late to catch up but Happy Belated Birthday. I like your list. I have a life list that I wrote many years ago and it's wonderful to go back to it now and then and see that some things have been achieved, and even that I am no longer interested in some of them.