Friday, 5 September 2008

Duck + Horse...

Built by Lo. One part of the many little scenes she creates & acts out on a daily basis, with lots of conversations like:

'hello duck, hello horse... what doing? walk, walk, walk (whilst moving said horse &/or duck) ... ... bye-bye!'

Duck + Horse

I love catching her in the midst of playing out these little scenarios & just sitting & listening. It is so sweet, but I have to try not to giggle.


teddybearswednesday said...

OH SOO cute!! That's what I love so much about kids, those funny little things.
Can you BELIEVE IT though??!!!! I hope you were watching. We won last night and it was fab fab fab!! Admittedly I couldn't not relax til the final siren and was already stressing about next week, but it was great! Barry was on fire, Moore was chunky and Kirky was beautiful!! Go Swans!

teddybearswednesday said...

WE love a lot of the same things!!
You know there is a 4 part video on Youtube of Kirky, O'Keefe, Leo Barry and some other guys I don't know, doing the Kokoda trail thing retracing the Anzacs steps, with Kirky commentating. Who would of thought?

Vida said...

I miss those moments. I did have a back to childhood moment on Saturday night - Ella had a raging fever and I slept with her to help her through the night, even at 16 she is still my baby... Vida x

Jo said...

isn't this 'stage' wonderful... i just love sitting and listening to Angus' commentary... finally an insight into what they are thinking!