Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Six Things That Make Me Happy Today...

I got tagged by the lovely pip & thought that I had better do this one before I forget,* so here is some Tuesday happiness in my world:

1. Roger dropping Ryder off at school this morning so that Lo & I can take our time & not have to deal with peak hour traffic.

Fabric : Ironed

2. A huge pile of fabric freshly washed, ironed & ready to be sewn, yay!

3. Knowing that my sister is going to pop in for a visit after work & planning for a girls weekend away with mum- double happiness!

4. Helping out at Ryder's kinder (for his class Olympics) & seeing the look of complete happiness & pride on his face when I walked in the door. So sweet.

Kinder Olympics

5. Having a chat to my next door neighbour who is a bit loopy, but in the best possible way. It's nice to know your neighbours...

6. Cooking pancakes (for lunch) with Ryder while Lo has a nap & the rain pitter-patters on the roof.

Sorry to the other couple of lovely ladies who tagged my of late, I am crap at this stuff!


Hoochie Coochie said...

Love the six things that make you happy... some truly sweet things there!
Fabric looks great - nothing like the feeling of having it all washed, ironed and folded all ready for that new project! Can't wait to see what you make from it :)

Soo said...

what a great list of happiness...especially sharign pancakes with the little one!

Vida said...

Yes I am loopy but I am not your neighbour anymore!!! X

edward and lilly said...

I remember getting those ribbons when I was at school, I can't believe they are still around.
I love the fabrics!

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

Lots of lovely happiness there. I love that stack of fabric.