Sunday, 10 August 2008

Mixtogether Meet #2...

I was lucky enough to get to go to the 2nd Mixtogether meet today held at Amitie by the dynamic duo: Justine & Nikki (of Mixtape fame) with a bit of help from Fi. We all received great goodie packs put together by the gals & had a fun afternoon stitching, chatting & eating.

Denim + Orange Satchel

Everyone exchanged gifts & I was lucky enough to receive a very cool denim satchel (love the orange lining)made by Nikki. Inside was a matching pencil case (fully of more goodies), a journal with matching denim cover & a jar of whatsits! What a haul! Mixtogether Meet #2 Goodies

Also Mel very kindly bought be some fantastic floss that she had hand dyed herself (!) after I swooned over some I saw on her blog. I can't wait to stitch with it, the colours are beautiful.


CurlyPops said...

That's such a beautiful gift...I especially love the gorgeous lining makes me happy!

Tamara said...

I love theat bag, and so full of goodies. Lucky you.

You new banner is gorgeous!