Monday, 7 July 2008

Last Day...

Today is our last day in Bali & I don't wanna go home. I have gotten used to have my room cleaned twice a day, no dishes to do, a Nanny to chase the kids... I like waking up & wearing my bathers & a sarong to breakfast & riding on the back of a motorbike with the wind in my (un-helmeted) hair. I like holidays.

Admittedly this is our 1st trip to Bali & we didn't explore that much but we did discover a few great places that are worth a visit:

The corner store :: cool (& cheap) clothes, especially for kids & a yummy 'tuck shop' to boot!

La Lucciola :: kind of like an open air version of the Stokehouse, in Bali!

Bodyworks :: just the place to get scrubbed & polished & like so much in Bali it is super cheap!

The Beach House (Echo Beach) :: yummy BBQ at night, perfect place to watch the sun go down

The Bali Catering Company :: great pastries & many other yummy delights

Bali Deli :: why doesn't my local supermarket look like this!?

Hotel Tugu :: amazing hotel & good local cuisine

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62cherry said...

sounds devine :)