Tuesday, 8 July 2008


We're back.

It's cold.

There I nothing like the journey home to wipe the 10 days on holiday smirk off your freshly tanned face. Getting home from Bali was nothing short of horrific. Flying at night may be great for some children, but not for mine & I will never do it again!*

Waiting at the airport with 2 small kids who should have been in bed many hours before... Is. Not. Fun. It just gets better when you are crammed tightly (sardine style) into the airport gate lounge (& I use the term 'lounge' very loosely on this occasion) & kindly informed that you plane is delayed. Great. The 1/2 hour delayed turned into an hour**, during which time my overtired children lost the plot & the thought of getting them onto the plane for the 6 hour flight was starting to make me break into a cold sweat. It turns out that my fear was not unfounded & once confined to the aircraft, Willow proceeded to squeal & wail at the top of her lungs with a little bit of arm flailing around for good measure. She was quite delirious by this point & trying to get her to (a) calm down & (b) go to sleep in said conditions was a big ask.

Eventually we did manage to get her (& Ryder) to sleep, but in order to keep them comfortable we had to sacrifice our own comfort & sleep... ahh, parenthood, doncha love it!?

The flight was a slow & torturous. When finally the hours passed & it was time to land things just got worse. After the pilot slammed on the brakes (in order not to miss the end of the tarmac?)throwing all of us forward in our seats, we were informed that due to works going on at good old Melbourne airport we would have to wait for buses to drive us over to the Terminal. That is how we found ourselves standing on the tarmac in the rain.

After getting off the buses & being directed through the bowels of the airport we finally made it to the baggage claim, but the fun didn't stop there- did I mention that Roger & I hadn't had any sleep at this point!?

They changed our baggage carousel TWICE & then when we finally got our bags the queues to get through customs were ridiculous. In fact there were so many people waiting for bags/to get though customs that the whole room was just a sea of people & it was hard to tell where the queues even started.

Finally we made it our of the airport & to our car, feeling more stressed & exhausted than when we left Australia 10 days ago. The joys of travel.

* Well at least until they are significantly older

** At which point I feared that the room full of sun burnt Aussie bogans with braided hair (& clutching their bags of bootlegged DVDs) would riot.


CurlyPops said...

Oh no, what a nightmare flight home...thank goodness you made it back safely! I love the **addition at the end (especially the braided bogans hehehe)!
I think you need another holiday just to get over the flight and the airport arrivals...

Stacey said...

The contrast between the lovely photo of the previous post, where you all looked so happy and relaxed, and this post!
Oh dear, it sounds like a nightmare.
I bet the holiday was good though!

Drewzel said...

You poor things! But you know you'll do it all again next o/s holiday, it's part of the holiday experience isn't it? :P

Louise said...

You poor things! Hopefully those memories will fade and the good ones will remain. It makes for good stories to tell when they are older too!!

Leni & Rose said...

Oh bad...what an absolute shocker! Such a crappy way to end a holiday. Hmmm, makes me think twice about the Fiji trip we're planning for September...!

red ruksha said...

me and the date are in the midst of considering our options for breaking away from the last of the melbourne winter and a flight to some tropical isle was my preference. But now, I'm not so sure....!! Welcome home, though and thanks for the reminder that sometimes flying is crap and driving up the coast is good.