Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Babies Sleeping...

I know the kids are under the weather when they both have a big sleep in the middle of the day. This is particularly telling of Ryder as the days of him having a nap are long gone. Little miss early riser even slept until 9am this morning...Sleep time sign
We have had a week of coughs, runny noses, clammy foreheads, general sookiness & a bout of puking for good measure- when will Winter end!?


Cath said...

Those weeks are so hard. I love a long arvo nap - i find it lasts longer if I lay down with them. Does mean not much else gets done but we are all well rested. Hope germs take notice of their marching orders and leave the building!!

threadsforevie said...

Oh the wrath that I bestow on the person who DARES defy the 'babies sleeping' sign. 3 particular instances that I'd had the misforturne to endure
- lady selling raffle tickets to build a new church
- electricity guy wanting me to switch to his company
- neighbour who popped by to give me something that was so INCREDIBLY unimportant
My little guy would only sleep for about 20-40 mins in the early days and HELL WOULD REIN DOWN on the person who interrupted that time.
Ok, rant over.

Leni and Rose said...

We've been a bit under the weather over here as well...hope both are well now.

h+b said...

What a gorgeous sign - so French !

My own ( due to blind people calling, i'm sure, like threadsforevie ) is A4 size, using COLOURFUL clipart, and laminated.

Although I haven't had to use it much this time around - no doubt everyone learnt of my wrath with the *last* baby :)