Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Sunshine & Shopping...

So today we had a shopping agenda which included glasses for Roger & Tom's shoes for me. I also really wanted to check out the Curiosity Shoppe, which I have admired from afar since discovering this site. Unfortunately in our excitement to start our day, we didn't think about the fact that the shops may not be open yet!
To kill some time we stopped for breakfast & I must say that so far America is the land of generous food portions-yikes! There wasn't a hope in hell that we were going to get though our breakfast.
Down the street we came across the local fire fighters dealing with a burst fire hydrant. It looked like a scene out of a movie but the poor person who lives on the top floor of the building would have come home to a pretty wet apartment! They had left their window open (probably to make the most of the beautiful weather) & their curtains were soaked!
Next stop was Spectacles for humans, where roger was in glasses heaven! A very cool guy helped us out & Roger even made it onto their blog! My request was to check out Doe & hopefully get my shoes, but alas, after waiting 1/2 hour for the store to open I still left without my Tom's. Not. Happy.I did come across this cute little guy though & thought I had better snap a pick for all the Brownies out there!


Leni and Rose said...

I just looove San Francisco! Never been there, but just from what I've seen, it looks gorgeous. Sounds like you are having a lovely time over there!

Jo said...

Awesome photos Christie! I hope you guys had a nice holiday. Welcome back to Melbs.

Maureen said...

As I'm married to a guy who is up and out of bed at 05:30, I know. It can be darn hard to wait till the usual 10am shop opening.

But you had great shops on your list!