Saturday, 24 May 2008

Slow Saturday...

It is funny how quickly you settle back into your normal routine after a holiday. Today we were up early to take the kids swimming & then the boys went for a walk to watch some footy at our local oval. Poor Ryder was a bit tuckered out by all this & as our body clocks aren't quite on Melbourne time yet the boys had a nice nap on the couch in front of the fire.

It is good (albeit cold) to be home.


fiona said...

what a lovely shot! welcome home!looking forward to 'meeting' you on Saturday!
love fi

Danielle said...

Welcome home

Corrie said...

yeah good to see you're back and wow seems like you did some celeb spotting while away! I bet you missed your little babies so much!

heh who was the other celebrity? its not drew barrymore? is it jodie foster?

ok I'm hopeless


h&b said...

it is cold, isn't it ?!?!?

We got diverted to Syd because of the fog, so had to sit for hours on the tarmac in Syd, and then again in Melb, as we were in a giant Boeing queue !! Argh !!

( sitting here in a cardy I had to dig out !! )