Sunday, 18 May 2008

LA Diggs...

Today we arrived at the final stop in our very short US trip.
Los Angeles; the city of angels, fab weather, cheap parking (if you don't valet) & movie stars. Unfortunately all the stars are in Cannes, but apart from that I am sure that LA will not disappoint.
As you can see we have been forced to rough it & stay at the infamous Chateau Marmont, a little piece of Hollywood history.
The rooms are actually apartments which as well as a bedroom/bathroom include a lounge, dining room & kitchen, complete with a vintage Frigidaire! They have done amazing job in keeping the rooms as they would have been when the likes of Katherine Hepburn & Spencer Tracy stayed here, with the minor additions of plasma TVs & ipod jacks to remind you that it is actually 2008. The view down Sunset Boulevard isn't too shabby either.

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Wow ! Impressed !!!