Saturday, 15 March 2008


Today Ryder turned three.
It's strange, I can barely remember/imagine life without him & yet the past three years has gone by in a flash. Today I am the proud parent of a boy who understands far to much, a boy who is funny & kind, sensitive, creative & smart... I could go on & on. He also looks an awful lot like me, a little boy version! At his request we celebrated Pirate-style today & lots of effort was gone to by all. The highlight for me was watching the hunt for buried treasure, followed by a spot of pillaging.Seeing the kids faces when Rog (in full pirate garb) dug up a treasure chest in our backyard was priceless. How Ryder kept his costume on in the heat was kind of beyond me... happy birthday boy.


thornberry said...

It looks like a terrific day! Happy birthday to your little one.

h&b said...

OOh - how opportune - we've got a Pirate-themed request for a 4th birthday next month. You'll have to pass on any tips or ideas !

Happy Birthday, Mr 3 !

Rochelle said...

wow - what an amazing party you created! Super impressed. Did the kids have some clues or a treasure map to find the treasure? I'm sure everyone had a great time!

boobook said...

your such a great mum!!
I wish i was there!!
So much fun!
My friend had a Pirate party for her birthday (she turned 22) it was the best party ever!!
The best part was walking down the street to the local pub and paying for drinks with chocolate money!