Sunday, 3 February 2008

This Is... My Collection...

Of sewing & craft books. It isn't the biggest collection, but as I didn't own any about a year ago it is growing rather fast. There are a couple of Japenese sewing booking in there & I can see them multiplying at an alarming rate if left to my own devices. The nice thing is that a few of them were gifts from my Mum & Rog.


Little Munchkins said...

Hi Christie,

I am glad you commented on my blog as I have now discovered yours! I will be sure to come back again now.

Oh, and you were right, I was at KL. Good guess :)

Jo said...

I love your collection. I have In Stitches and Simple Sewing as well. But my problem is that I get so much enjoyment from just flicking through them. I forget that the whole point is to actually MAKE SOMETHING.