Friday, 1 February 2008

Good News Day...

Today was a great day. Ryder had a blast at the farm as always. Such a special place for him & great to hear story’s of the kids collecting the eggs, feeding the pigs, climbing & playing make-believe. I wish all kids could experience this regularly. Then when I got home I received a package of wool from this very generous lady. The wool was shorn from one of her own sheep called Rosie & I cannot wait to put it to good use. I hate polyfil so much, but stuffing things with wool is such a luxury! But just when I thought my day couldn’t get much better, we got some great news- Ryder got a place at 3 year old kinder. Phew.
He had been offered a place last year, but at the time we were about to move overseas to live so we turned it down. Of course we ended up staying in Melbourne & discovered that trying to get him into 3 year old kinder was much, much harder than expected. The big problem was that Ryder is a March baby & therefore cannot start kinder until then. Lots of kindergartens were happy to take him next year when he is 3 turning 4, but he is very ready to start this year so we were kinda stuck in limbo.

Anyway, today I got a call from the very nice lady at the kinder that we really wanted him to go to, saying that we had a spot & can start next term when he is 3. Woo-hoo! We (yes Roger & I) have an interview next week with his soon to be kinder teacher. It is all very exciting for Ryder, I am sure he is going to love it. I, however may need to be medicated on his 1st day lest I start sobbing uncontrollably & screaming 'don't take my baby away...'

Perhaps Roger should drop him off.


gryb said...

Great news about kinder. We had fist day back today and there were tears, from him and almost me. But once settled he was loving it. Its an exciting time for them, but a bit sad to see our babies growing up so fast!

littlesnoring said...


Glad to see the fleece arrived safely. Look forward to seeing if you make anything with our little Rosie.

All the best