Friday, 21 December 2007

Mail Love...

Today I received some more mail love- (another ornament from the Ornament swap), this gorgeous Christmas bunting made by JoEllen. I think this bunting may end up in Ryder's room after Christmas, as I would rather not pack it away.

Plus this amazing package of scraps from a very creative mama. She makes the most beautiful cards (mainly) out of Japanese fabric & she was nice enough to send me some of her offcuts plus some cards to boot! Talk about lucky! I need to think of a way to return the favour, but I'm not sure how yet... Look at all that fabric goodness.

At the moment I am frantically sewing a little doll for Lo for Christmas. After searching high & low for one in Melbourne I realised that if she was going to get one for Christmas then I was going to have to sew it myself! Nothing like a deadline to get you moving. I procured a pattern from here & made the trip (with kids in tow-huge mistake) to Winterwood toys for supplies -which was an experience in itself. Winterwood has an amazing supply of felt as well as bibs & bobs for making Steiner dolls amongst other things. They have some fantastic wooden toys too. Unfortunately I was slightly affronted by the lady working there who demanded that Ryder be confined to the designated play area & not allowed to roam free touching stuff in the shop etc. Little did she know he had just been confined to the car for 45 minutes & I had bribed him to get into the car in the 1st place with the promise of a distant toy shop... I mean really, how much harm could he do to some felt?


Jo said...

Hi Christie, I just wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a very merry christmas and a wonderful new year.

I am so glad that we found you, your blog is lovely ;)

sorry to hear about winterwood, last we were there I kept that kids restrained to their pram - its probably a good thing that they have on online shop, the store is just a little on the squeezy side...

h&b said...

Bah to the witchy-woman.

I guess though, if I was a trader, i'd think all kids were covered in chocloate and sticky like I imagine Britney Spears' kids are.

I do hate it though wehn people lump my clean, goodly little boy in with those feral children.

We know how to behave !

Merry Christmas.
Hopefully I may be surprised with an antique bath !?!? hee hee*

* not holding my breath though :)

gryb said...

Merry Christmas to you! Hope you have a wonderful family day. Thank you for the lovely comments. I'm happy to see the fabric put to good use.

How is Willow's doll coming along? I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the finished product!

Love your new banner too. The photo is just gorgeous.....