Monday, 17 December 2007

Bathtime Babies...

We recently picked up this vintage bath from Izzi & Popo. It lives out on our deck & on warm Summer's nights the kids can now have their baths al fresco. How chilled does Ryder look!? Both the kids can fit in it at once, but they generally tag. Lo will even sit down in this bath, which she won't do in the big bath.
The upside is that it only takes a couple of buckets of water to fill it (much less than the regular tub) & once bath time is over you just pull out the plug & the water goes straight onto the grass & garden. No syphoning or bucketing for us anymore-yay! I have been trying to work out how old it is, but the Internet has been less than helpful, so it remains a mystery to me. It is such a great piece, I think we will get it re-enameled next year as it is a bit chipped in spots, but at the moment it is too busy being used.

1 comment:

h&b said...

f&*k !!

Was there another ? I have to have one !

ATM, we do the same thing, but in one of those big Vietnamese washing tubs - this is so much more awesome - I love it !!

That site isn't working for me ATM, and I am hyperventilating, thinking they might have another and if I don't get there, it will BE GONE !

But I bet there was only the one .. stuff like that is not a dime-a-dozen ... arghhh !

Oh - and siphoning - don't bother - so painfully annoying. I bucket.