Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Bah, Humbug...

I feel quite grinchy this Christmas. Christmas is just days away & I am in total denial that it is even December. I think it is the perfectionist coming out in me- if I can't do something perfectly, I chose not to do it at all. I had some big plans for Christmas this year & yet none of my planned Christmas projects (well almost all) have even been started, hmm...

On the upside the postie has been bringing a few things to get me in the mood. Like this package all the way from Kayte who lives in Texas, but whose family are originally from Denmark.

I was so excited to receive my package from the holiday traditions exchange. I sent Kayte these & in exchange I received, a traditional Danish Nisse, 2 great Christmas mix CD's, 2 family recipes & a fantastic letter about Christmas traditions in their home. Apparently in Denmark it is the Nisse (not Santa) that brings the children pressies & the one that Kayte made for me was sewn from a pattern that was hand-drawn by her husbands grandmother-wow! I love hearing about other people's Christmas traditions & it is particularly nice to hear about how families mix different cultural traditions together to create a truly unique celebration. I will definitely be signing up for this swap again next year-thanks Kayte!

I also received 2 ornaments from the Holiday Ornament Swap. This beautiful fabric ornament is the work of the very talented Jacquie of Ramsden Designs. I really love her work & want her to make me one of these banners in the new year for Willows room. My 2nd ornament came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia from Jana. My photo really doesn't do it justice, but in my defence, because it is mirrored it was hard to photograph without getting some of me in the pic!Both the ornaments look great on the tree, nice to have some handmade love on there. But now I've got to go & stop Ryder from putting 'Santa Claus is coming to town' on repeat again, bah humbug!

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