Monday, 19 November 2007

Postal Love...

It is so, so hot today, but our lovely local postal worker delivered me some goodies (along with my bills) to make me smile*.

When I made this ball for the 'lo a while ago a certain Aunty Cookie proposed a swap. So when I finally got around to making this for her small fry I received some major booty in exchange.

Now I just have to pluck up the courage to use it for something instead of saving if for something special, which really means that I will just add it to my stash.

With regards to the grab ball I made, I am quite happy with the finished product- I love that SL stocks these cool Japanese prints.

I also received 2 glass babies bottles in the mail today, thanks ebay! I started thinking about the toxicity of plastic baby bottles & toys a while ago after reading this post over at Angry Chicken. Then a recent article in Mothering Magazine on the subject jolted my memory & finally after receiving an email from my mother about the links between breast cancer & chemicals released from plastic drink bottles once they warm up (i.e after being left in a warm car) I started to freak out a little bit about the amount of plastic in our home & in particular the amount of plastic that my kids come into contact with. So the (slow) clean-up/throw-out/replacement process is beginning. I am going to try to get rid of all the plastic baby bottles 1st & work from there. Thanks to mum Ryder's plastic drink bottle has been replaced by a cute Stainless Steel number, & now I just need some grown up versions for me & Rog. I know we will never be plastic free, but I would like to keep the plastic down to a minimum.

* As a general rule Australia Post does NOT make me smile, for too may reasons to go into here & now.


shannon said...

Yay, glad my parcel arrived safely. I am loving that ball and all is spotlight mushroom goodness. Maybe I shall keep it for myself....

h&b said...

Water bottles for adults: Try SIGG
( )

They're quite funky too.

Kirsty said...

The ball looks fantastic - I'm sure bubba cookie will love it.

Jo said...

I too have many Aunty Cookie bits and pieces that need to be crafted. I bet you will beat me to it though.

I freak out about plastic too. Im almost too scared to read the article your mum sent. But I think I will - I tend to do these things to myself.