Saturday, 13 October 2007


We did a spot of gardening today, planting some veggies at the bottom of our garden.

Jacques helped too.

And so did Ryder...

until he found a snake!?


We re-planted our her garden too, now we just have to keep the possums at bay!


vida said...

A dagger in my heart!!!!!!!! Vida x

Can I come live in the dungeon???

Christie said...

You are welcome to mive into the 'dungeon' anytime! xxx

vida said...

Thanks Christie, once I am there it becomes the "CELLAR", ok, but in the meantime it's Chateau Dungeon to you and me... the "n" is silent!! It's the whole French thing, you know!! Kisses V x x

No I take back the kisses, I have a dreadful cold, AGAIN!!! V o o o