Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Like Father, Like Son...

What I am about to recount to you was witnessed this evening by my sister who had dropped over so that we could go on an evening constitutional.

Ryder (sitting in his pint-sized arm chair, picks up the remote, turns on the TV & then makes funny drinking noises whilst holding an imaginary glass): slurp, slurp etc...

Dani: Ryder, what are you doing?

Ryder: slurp, slurp... Drink-ing Pee-noh!

Dani: What? Drinking Pinot?

Ryder: slurp, slurp... Yes! Drink-ing Pee-noh!

Like Father, like son?

In news not relating to my alcoholic children, my gorgeous (& very talented) friend Sarah is in the music game & recently sent me a sneak preview of some tracks from their 1st album which they are currently recording, very exciting! Her band is called Belle Roscoe & you can check out there music here whilst their website is under construction.


Melanie said...

So So cute... amazing what little imitaters they can be! I LOVE Willows rooms the pictures were awesome... A girlfriend and I were only discussing making those birds the other day. I have started a sewing circle at my house on wednesday nights about 4-6 women come over to sew and chat, its great, the birds are on my to do list at sewing circle one night!!

h&b said...

That is so funny.

My son always asks if Mummy would like a wine with dinner ?