Monday, 15 October 2007

Action Day Rant...

For lots of people like me childhood Summer's meant running under the sprinklers on your front or back lawn with your friends & siblings. I remember as a child my grandma thinking that this was a waste of water & at time time I couldn't really understand what she meant. It was hot, we were having fun & the lawn was getting watered to boot! I grew up in a time when water was one thing that we could afford to waste & we certainly did. I can also remember my dad redirecting the drains from the bath & washing machine so that they would water the garden. At the time I thought his behavior was kinda kooky, but nowadays I think that that is the least that we should all be doing.

These days as a parent I worry about the kind of world that my kids are inheriting what what little people like me can do to make a difference. I try to recycle, compost our food scraps, buy organic products, save water & use green cleaning products. For the first time in my voting life I am even thinking (with a federal election now looming) about voting differently. But I don't really feel like I am making a difference & it is frustrating. If anyone out in blogland has any ideas I would love to hear them.

As the weather warms up & summer looms I feel sad that my kids won't be running under any sprinklers (remember them!?) to cool off, but I guess they won't know what they are missing out on- they will be too busy ferrying water from the bathtub to the garden anyway!

Happy blog action day everyone! For more info have a look here.

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h&b said...

I have just finished doing a wash, and stop-starting the washing machine so I can bucket every drop to my garden.

I miss sprinklers - running around in your knickers, wasting water definitely.

My Dad also diverted our bathwater to water his vege patch. Very odd. I wasn't impressed.

No-one else had to compost, or had chooks that ate scraps.

We also didn't have carpets. We had floorboards. It all made me feel very poor indeed.

Hippy parents, how embarrassment !