Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Mitchell Alexander Venter
I am very chuffed to announce the safe arrival of baby Mitchell in the wee hours of this morning, tipped the scale at just under 7 pounds. Congrats to Lauren & Neil. New babies make me think of the excitement of Ryder being born. Waiting, (waiting, waiting) to go into labour, the first time we got to hold him, the trip home from the hospital (feeling totally under prepared) & somewhere in the new baby haze, realising that we were now three.

Life has certainly changed since then! Our fourth (& apparently last) family member has recently (yesterday) learnt to stand up on her own. Well, with the assistance of furniture. It makes me realise that our little 'baby' is no longer a baby at all & we seam to be careering towards her first birthday.

On a totally unrelated topic my baby overalls pattern review for Sew Mama Sew! has been published for all to see-ekk! Taking on this project whilst in the midst of moving overseas to live & caring for the childer-beasts was not the smartest of moves & my review is far from brilliant, but what's done is done!

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