Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Beware The Box Monster...

Hello! There has to be some upside to moving & as far as Ryder is concerned it is the big boxes!

So why bother buying expensive toys when he is happy to play in a box?
The girl child shows no fear of the box monster.
The afternoon ended with a sun shower & a rainbow. Check out the nice new lavender on the balcony, I'm gonna miss that view.


h&b said...

Handy Hint:

keep and store all your empty boxes after you arrive at the new place. I get one of ours out at least every month for a new adventure ( this week we made a mailbox )

That lavender looks *superb* - a selling advantage ?

And you have one of those trendy/cool/wipedownable egg highchairs I drool over .... very nice ...

Vida said...

I too ran out (actually I sent Alana) to get a photo of that fantastic rainbow... I will try and keep you posted on the view so you don't miss it too much and please come and visit whenever you need a fix and I will be grateful to get into the backyard feel again and maybe a picnic in your garden, I can bring food? Vida x