Friday, 17 August 2007

Elvis Fan...

Does anyone remember the Audi TV commercial were the Audi driver picks up the Elvis fan whose car had broken down? For some reason we have one of those little Elvis dashboard toys in our house. It used to be in Ryder's room, but it started to freak him out so we moved Elvis to another location. He is currently stuck to our lounge room window & every now & then Ryder like to go by & make Elvis dance. Anyway, we have been talking up the whole move to China to Ryder lately & this morning as Roger was driving Ryder to the farm there was a bit of Elvis talk on the radio to which Ryder said (with his little hands held in a prayer position): Daddy can we peeeesss take Al-busssss (Elvis) to China!?

Who can say no to a request like that!?

We also had a milestone in the house today, Willow started crawling! She has been moving around a lot for a long time now, but today she started really crawling. She looks so funny, very robotic, like someone has just wound her up & set her on her way. She hasn't ventured very far afield as yet, but she has been enjoying seeing something & being able to go & get it.


Anonymous said...

No comments on Elvis.

I'm still getting over the lock out!

Anonymous said...

hi ! i'm french, i'm Emilie and i wanted to know where i could find this elvis???

my friend loves that and in france, we can't find it...

so if you have any postal address or web address, please help me!!!

thank you very very much!!!