Friday, 13 July 2007

Fun, Fun, Funny...

Obviously Ryder has been having far too much fun this week- I have evidence to prove it!I asked Ryder where Mummy & Willow had been this week & he said: ho-pee-tal. Very good! Then I asked him what we were doing in hospital & he said: going nigh-nighs. Wow! It got quite amusing when I then asked what Daddy does at work...

Me: What does Daddy do at work?

Ryder: eats foooood!

Me: Does he work on the computer?

Ryder (earnestly shaking head): No

Me: Is Daddy the boss at work?

Ryder(earnestly shaking head again): No

Me: So Daddy just eats at work?

Ryder: Hyesssss (yes)!!

Out of the mouths of babes- Roger didn't find this conversation half as funny as I did...

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Vida said...

I want a job like yours Roger!!! x