Saturday, 14 July 2007

Bending The Rules...

I was very excited when my copy of Amy Karol's (angry chicken) new book, Bend the Rules Sewing arrived in the mail. Thank you Amazon! I couldn't wait to get out the sewing machine & I was extra excited when I saw that there was a smock pattern in it. I love smocks. I think smocks are reason enough to have a little girl. Anyway, I have been having an amnesty on buying new fabric until my fabric stash shrinks & so I found myself in a spot of bother. I had a fantastic piece of fabric that would be smock-tastic, but it wasn't the right size (as the smock is made of one piece of fabric). So in the spirit of the book I decided to 'bend the rules', making my smock out of 3 pieces of fabric, with contrasting racing stripes (which match the binding) down the sides.

I am quite happy with the results, although the smock is way to big for Willow now, darn it. I think I will have to play with the pattern & see it I can shrink it down to her size.

On the sleep front, Willow went down without a peep last night & after needing re-settling once(!) early in the evening slept through until after 7am-bliss!


sister said...

Very cute little smock xx

shannon said...

Excellent sleeping - sleep school has been a success then?? Bloody Sadie is allover the place still, one wake two wakes..sure wake whenever you want you little hoochie!!

Whats worse though is that Steven wakes in the morning and says to me ' Sadie was good, She didnt wake at all did she?'

No not at all. IDIOT.