Friday, 22 June 2007

Staying In & Keeping Warm...

It's cold & we are all sick so we are stuck indoors. Luckily the chimney sweep came today so we are curled up on the couch in front of the fire with a box (or 2) of tissues, working our way through a pile of DVD's. It is so nice to have the fire going, at this rate it may stay lit until Spring...Even better my angel of a next door neighbour (Vida) dropped 'round with a care package of chocolate, doughnuts, fresh fruit (from her father's farm no less) & a new copy of Delicious magazine. As if that wasn't enough, she rocked Willow to sleep in her arms, talk about neighbourly!


The Smiths said...

mmm, fire & doughnuts

stay warm Fowlers

xx J C O

Anonymous said...

hi lovely family,
love the winter indoor guys are doing really well as I am well aware of lack of sleep and feeling house bound. we went for a walk along the river and throught the oak forest yesterday and came home feeling revitalised.
It is amazing what a change of space can do for your head.
Otis is going down to sleep a little bit easier however the night wakes are hard yacka.
Christie, I think you are so brave going to sleep school and I commend you for the move. I support you whole heartidly and am only a phone call away if you need a cry or a chat. Josh and I started some "supported crying"last night. meaning that we go in to Otis regularly say I love you and Sleep time and then leave. I was crying before we even began. He was awake and crying from 2 to 3.30pm and eventually went to sleep. It was horrible but I am understanding that he needs to teach him self soothing and of how to get himself to sleep. I think my limit is about 7 minutes or when the cry becomes distressed. I am hardly an expert as I have only done it once.
babies !!!! who'd have em !
josh made pies over hte weekend and we had a lovely bottle of shiraz from teh grampians. we have been arguing over otis and sleep stuff a bit and talked over it and decided it needs to stop as as if there isnt enough to be stressed over. I am so looking forward to the days when I have more sleep and feel myself again.
bloody spoke alarm was beeping all night and the battery was low...I made Josh get up on a chair with books and take the battery out as it was going to wake baby otis. we argued over that.....then I decided at 3am to launch intoa philosophical debate on control crying and western culture (as we were in teh middle of it) Josh said "can we possibly talk over this in the morning...
Funny hey!!!
me and my crazy antics.
anyway, I am going to do the dishes and change the sheets (I hate changing linen )
take care, am thinking of you.

Vida said...

Gosh I feel like I am going through this whole baby thing all over again... the memories are all flooding back and I am asking myself how did I even do it and come out alive at the other end and with a relationship intact... not great, I know, but intact... Hold on girls it will all be normal again soon and you too will wonder how... stay strong and get all the support you can lay your hands on... V xxxx

Shannon said...

Hey there! Nice meeting you on the weekend. Good luck with sleep school, Ive heard its pure magic!! Fingers crossed you get some tough old bird to teach Willow to annoying you have to learn to sleep?