Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Good Day/Bad Day...

As I write this it is actually very early Thursday morning & I am trying to take my mind off the fact that Roger is off at the RCH with Ryder who has croup. There isn't much worse than hearing your child struggle for breath & watching tears streak down his cheeks from the pain every time he coughs. It just breaks my heart. We have been unfortunate enough to have done this trip for the exact same reason over a year ago. On the 2nd of January 2006, in the wee hours of the morning, when Ryder was 9 months old. We sat at the RCH with him for most of the night. In fact Roger went straight from the hospital to work the next day, yuck! At least I can feel safe with the knowledge that he will be OK, I guess not everyone who does the hospital dash with their baby can say the same.
So our day that had started out with some good news, & turned pear shaped in the evening when Roger got a call from his mum's (Edna) doctor to say that she had had a turn & they thought that it was a stroke. Luckily Edna (who has MS) is in a nursing home & so has 24 hour care, I would hate to think what might have happened if she was still living on her own. Roger did the dash to see her as I made a couple our teary phone call to my sister & Mum, not sure how bad things were/might become & if I would need someone to look after the kids. Luckily, (although Roger said that it was the sickest that he has seen her) Edna was still able to talk to him. Fingers crossed she will have improved by tomorrow & not have to go to hospital.

The good news that we got this morning was a call from the mother & baby unit (after my wonderful husband dropped off the paperwork at the hospital) to say that they had had a cancellation in 2 weeks time & the spot was ours if we want it. If we want it!? Sign me up! In the midst of all this sickness, sleeplessness & bad news it is nice to have something positive to look forward to, even if it is 'sleep school'. Worst case scenario, I will get 2 good night's sleep, (as the 1st 2 nights the nurses will only wake you up if your baby needs feed). & that's as good as a holiday to me!

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Vida said...

Hi Roger, I meant to ask you today how your mother was doing, I hope all is ok and wish Edna all the best. Our BBQ was a success and we feel full and fat as well as content. Love to all the Fowlers x x x x