Monday, 16 July 2007

Anyone For Soup...

Today didn't get off to a great start. We were all pretty grumpy & nothing quite went to plan. Like when I went to take a shower & came out to find the kitchen looking like this...After a few deep breaths, I set Ryder up in the sunroom (still in his PJ's) with a can of cheap shaving cream, a pan, some food dye & some cooking utensils, making 'soup'. He was having a ball & I had a chance to tidy up the kitchen only to find 'soup' smeared all over the walls, doors & windows.

A few more deep breaths, a bit of swearing, some soapy water, a load of washing & all is well. Right now, they are both asleep & all is quiet, sigh.


Vida said...

He is his father's son AND the cooking must be done... a poet I am not... x x x

Melanie said...

Oh MY!!! I cringe at the thought of it!
I clean upstairs whilst the girls demolish downstairs and vice versa! Its an endless cycle.
Have you ever made lux flakes slime for him??? Its great and its only soap so its easy to clean up! There is also cornflour slime too...
High five for getting little Willow to sleep well, I hope you are still enjoying the land of sleep!

The Smiths said...

I think the kitchen looks pretty!!!
kinda christmasy.
love love love the smock....well done. so what is the book about? can I sew from it with my poor skills?
I have wanted to get the machine out but don't know how i will fit sewing in with otis.
Ryder and baby Willow are so cute. Ryder looks vwey handsome and grown up. love the photo with eddie and the kids at the childrens farm.
made soup today and put the rissoni soup pasta in it. try some it is a good way to add to the soup along with toasted sippets.
am in town tomorrow at osteo for my rooted back.
then up to mums for the night...should be interesting in hte porta cot...
take care, love to all

Jo said...

I love the smock, very clever Christy. Oh and Ryder looks like he had a great time when you were in hopeetal. I hope it all went well.