Wednesday, 16 May 2007

My Little Photographer...

Okay, this isn't his best work, but something about it kinda works for me. At least he got her in shot, just!

We went to look at a kindergarten & school for Ryder today. It is amazing how big the 3 year old kinder kids looked against little Ryder & that will be him next year. Ryder's eyes were like saucers watching the kids in the (very well equipped) playground & inside playing with all the paints, dress ups & toys. I don't think I am ready for this, they had better have some tissues on hand on the first day of term!

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Jo said...

Ryder will love Kinder!! It is such a beautiful place. They do things like sit around the table and drink hot chocolate early in the morning at drop off time (which happens to make drop off very easy!!) The teachers are the best.

I'll slip in a good word for you.. but I think you will get in anyway.