Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Bibs & Bobs...

I have finally dusted off the sewing machine & got to work- assisted in this endeavour by two sleeping children & a very understanding husband. Yes I will clean up the mess, eventually...

I am starting small, (before moving on to bigger & better projects) as I have been told that I am not the best at completing one thing before starting the next one, therefore leaving a trail of 1/2 finished crafts in my wake. So this week I am finishing all incomplete projects so next week I can start afresh-guilt free!

Here is a patchwork burp cloth (inspired by this very cute blanket over at Happy Things) & matching bib for Miss Willow. Everything is made from material scraps that I had lying around. The burp cloth is backed with a (terry) cloth nappy & I added a tie on one end so that I could roll it up & throw it in my nappy bag!

I was going to make the bib out of this pattern (bib B), but it looked a bit big so I just ran a pattern off a smaller bib that Willow already had. It fits perfectly so I think there will be a few more of these being made to use up some more fabric scraps.And here is my little lady hanging out (sans bib) with the toy apple I had as a child. Mum was very good at saving our old toys but due to an unfortunate incident with a heater the back of the 'Happy Apple' is somewhat deformed. Luckily it still makes a lovely sound when you move it. Ryder loved this toy when he was little & it looks like Willow (or Wy-lo as Ryder calls her)likes it too.

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Jo said...

absolutely gorgeous Christie!! Willow is the most stylish baby already and now she has a handmade patchwork burp cloth. so cute..

I hope her reflux is getting better with solids.