Thursday, 19 April 2007

Water Boy...

Given the current water crisis we have been hauling bathwater around by the bucket load to save our poor garden (not much fun), but today I had an epiphany! Toddler's love playing with water, so why not let my toddler amuse himself by watering the garden. I imagined hours of amusement for Ryder as he pottered around the garden with his watering can & I supervised from the sun lounge. What super parenting; toddler amused, mother relaxed, water saved- genius! Unfortunately I could not locate his watering can, so we improvised with an empty OJ bottle, double points for recycling!
Well... he loved the new game for about 5 minutes & more water went on the deck than the plants, but it was worth a try.

On the subject of going green, check out Martha Stewart's Going Green Checklist for some simple ideas to live a bit greener.*
*None of her ideas involved a small boy, greywater & an empty OJ bottle, hmmm....?

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