Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Hello Dubai...

Today was our 1st day in Dubai & it started out with a tour of (the sprawling) Al Safa Park with Sach & Mila. It was a great chance for Ryder & Mila to stretch their legs, however the warm Dubai sun made the slides a bit too hot for little bottoms!

Meanwhile, Willow chilled out in the shade & enjoyed the grass. It is amazing to think that this city is in the middle of the desert & their parks can be so lush.Later in the afternoon Sach took me to Villa Moda (at Emirates Tower), the home of beautiful clothes in Dubai. It was a pretty amazing shopping experience to have so many designer clothes in one spot, but you sure could get your credit card in a spot of bother!

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Vida said...

Those cherub hands holding sweetly, the cutes feet in the grass,, amazing shots, a wonderful insight, thank you for sharing, xxxxxxxx